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Type of Action: Negligence – motorcycle crash

Type of Injury: Multiple catastrophic injuries including bilateral pulmonary contusions with multiple lacerations/pneumatoceles; hemopneumothorax on right, Grade 3 splenic laceration and Grade 2 liver laceration; extensive orthopedic fractures including L4 compression fracture, right sacral and ischial tuberosity fractures, segmental left femoral shaft fracture, right intertrochanteric femur fracture, right tibiotalar subluxation with talus and calcaneus fractures, injury to right posterior tibial artery, right ulnar styloid fracture, and multiple fractures of ribs; and acute blood loss. Plaintiff was fed via PEG tube for three months and could not walk for more than four months.

Name of Case: Confidential

Special Damages: $1,652,044.13 in past medical bills/care; with expenses expected for physical therapy and additional surgeries in the future.

Awarded/Settled: Settled pre-suit.

Amount: $1,325,000 (policy limits plus a contribution from the defendant personally).

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Greg Webb and Lisa Brook of Charlottesville, VA

Other Useful
Information: The defendant driver of a 2014 Cadillac STS was attempting to make a left turn from an interstate exit ramp in Albemarle County. As the driver crossed two lanes of traffic, he struck the plaintiff on an Enduro motorcycle traveling in the far lane, closest to the median. The 19-year-old motorcyclist suffered severe injuries in the crash. He was immediately transported to the trauma surgery service at the hospital. Since the crash, the plaintiff has undergone extensive surgical treatments including bronchoscopy for pulmonary hemorrhage, veno-venous ECMO with Avalon cannula (heart-lung bypass support), splenic embolization, and open reduction-internal fixation surgeries throughout his lower extremities and in his right arm.

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