$500,000 Medical Negligence Verdict in Montgomery Alabama

Verdict: $500,000 Medical Negligence Verdict in Montgomery Alabama.

Attorneys: Mattie Taylor and Randy Hall – Arkansas

Facts: 51 year old female presents to Urgent Care Clinic complaining of chest pain. She had been previously treated by this clinician as a family practice patient with prior diagnosis of GERD, sinusitis, colds, flu, and other similar illnesses. On this day, here blood pressure was 186/102; her previous baselines were in the 120’s. No EKG was performed. No treatment for HTN. She was discharged home with diagnosis of gastroenteritis and sinusitus. The physician gave her two injections that were billed for but not shown on her records. The physician also gave her a prescription for Endal HD, a cough syrup with contraindications for high blood pressure. The physician actually allowed the deceased to be driven home by his nurse assistant who was also the decedent’s best friend.

18 hours later, she was found in her bed with near simultaneous fatal stroke and heart attack. the jury deliberated 15 hours and returned a verdict of $500,000.00. It was our understanding that this was the first verdict against a physician in Montgomery County in the last 20 years. The sweeter side of this verdict, too, is that it is entirely punitive in nature. That is, in Alabama, the instruction reads “….damages are not compensatory but are to punish the defendant for wrongful conduct and to deter others from similar conduct….”