Slip and Fall, Which Lead to Death of Tourist with Down Syndrome, Settled by The Haggard Law Firm

Plaintiff’s attorneys faced a myriad of obstacles related to causation of death because the victim had several pre-existing conditions

Orlando, FL – Trial attorney Todd Michaels of the Coral Gables based Haggard Law Firm has secured a $1.5 Million-dollar settlement in the slip and fall wrongful death case of Qurris Walker.

In August 2011, Walker, who suffered from Down Syndrome, slipped and fell on a wet floor at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando. The Walker Family, who are from Jackson Mississippi, were in Central Florida attending a Pentecostal Church seminar. At the time of the incident, the floor was being cleaned by Rosen’s cleaning service, Majic Cleaning Systems. There was an area of the floor that was marked by cones because it was wet. Moments before the victim and his family took that walk across the floor, the cones were removed. Qurris’ older sister Jeanetta was the first to walk over the area. She nearly lost her footing on the wet floor and called back to Qurris and her son Malcom to be careful. Almost before she could get the words out, Qurris’ feet slid out from under him and he crashed to the ground.

As a result of the fall, Mr. Walker needed surgery to repair his leg and suffered respiratory arrest during recovery from the surgery. Nearly two years after the fall, Walker, who suffered from numerous pre-existing health issues, passed away.

Both liability and causation were highly contested. The defense argued that Majic had put down five cones in the lobby, adequately warning visitors that the floor was wet, and that Mr. Walker’s death was a result of his other health issues, and was unrelated to the fall.

CASE LISTING: Charlesetta Walker, as Administratrix For the Estate of Quris Walker v. Rosen Hotels and Resorts, Inc., and Majic Cleaning Systems, Inc.