President's Donation 2018


Each year, the STLA president chooses a charity to support and in 2018 President Gibson Vance selected the Child Protect Children's Advocacy Center in Montgomery, Alabama. The mission of Child Protect is to interview, counsel and advocate for children when there are allegations of abuse.
Child Protect exists to minimize trauma and help rebuild young lives shattered by child abuse. The Child Protect Children's Advocacy Center offers a non-threatening environment where a multidisciplinary team works together to minimize any further trauma during the justice and restoration process. Instead of having to be interviewed multiple times by different agencies and attorneys, child abuse victims are able to tell their story once, and the information is then shared among appropriate parties. This lessens the impact on the child abuse victim and family. As the process moves along, the child may receive counseling and other services in this same, non-threatening, nourishing environment.

Reading the letters from victims of abuse featured on the Child Protect website, you realize the impact this organization makes in the lives of these children. Child Protect is building an addition to their facility so they can better serve victims of abuse and this donation will help them meet that goal.

For more information and to learn how you can support Child Protect go to