Tommy Malone Great American Eagle Award

The Tommy Malone Great American Eagle Award recognizes an individual who has a calling to help others. This person is a powerful example of the bold pursuit of excellence and justice. Such an individual is one who inspires others and is a living symbol of integrity, strength, bravery, justice, freedom, pride, devotion, excellence, friendship, and to many a hero. Tommy Malone, for whom the award is named, embodies all that the award seeks to uphold.

Eagle Award Past Honorees

Tommy Malone (2006)
Howard Nations (2007)
John Romano (2008) 
Peter Perlman (2009)
Billy Walker (2010)
Fayrell Furr (2011)
Marvin Mullis (2012)
Gary Green (2013)
Frank Branson (2014)
Robert Khayat (2015)
Vincent Glorioso (2016)
Bill Underwood (2017)
Gary Gober (2018)
Charles G. Monnett, III (2019)
Mona Lisa Wallace (2020)
Kenneth M. Suggs (2022)
Richard M. Shapiro (2023)
Ben Crump (2024)