STLA President's Donation

STLA President's Donation

Essential to the Southern Trial Lawyers Association is a commitment to supporting charitable causes and helping those in need. Each year, the STLA president chooses a charity for the organization to support. As STLA has grown and continued to be successful, the amount of the annual President’s Donation has increased over the years.

2022 President Mattie Taylor
$20,000 to Stoddard County Childrens Home

2021 President Tad Thomas
$10,000 to Louisville Free Public Library Foundation
$10,000 to Public Justice Foundation

2019 President Elizabeth Middleton Burke
$7,500 to Waccamaw Community Foundation
$7,500 to Churches Assisting People
$5,000 to Katrina's Kids

$7,500 to Water Mission (Board designated contribution)

2018 President Gibson Vance
$20,000 to Child Protect Children's Advocacy Center

2017 President Mark Zamora
$20,000 to DeKalb PATH Academy

2016 President Pamela Mullis
$15,000 to Palmetto Place Shelter
$5,000 to South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center

2015 President Earl Denham
$20,000 to Vancleave Live Oak Choctaws

2014 President Charles Monnett, III
$20,000 to STEP Ministries/Serving to Equip People

2013 President Randy Hall
$20,000 to Hinds Feet Farm

2012 President Maria Glorioso
$10,000 to Greater New Orleans Foundation
$10,000 to the Navy Gift Fund

2011 President Chris Glover
$15,000 to TREC

2010 President Marvin Mullis, Jr.
$15,000 to United Methodist Volunteers in Mission

2009 President Eric Romano
$5,000 to Hospice of Palm Beach County 
$10,000 to Make It Right

2008 President Adam Malone
$10,000 to the Brain Injury Association of America

2007 President Gary Green
$10,000 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

2006 President Howard Spiva
$10,000 to American Diabetes Association

2005 President O. Fayrell Furr, Jr.
$10,000 to Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and Clothe the People

2004 President Gary Gober
$5,000 to Faith Family Medical Clinic
$2,500 to Tennessee Performing Arts
$2,500 to CASA

2003 President Richard Shapiro
$5,000 to Leukemia/Lymphoma Society

2002 President Larry Friedman 
$5,000 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Miami and the Transplant Foundation

2001 President Bruce Rasmussen 
$2,000 to Legal Aide for Farm Workers
$2,000 to Shelter for Health and Emergency for Abused Women 
$1,000 to a Pro Bono Group for Children

2000 President R. Ben Hogan III 
$5,000 to Birmingham Path

1999 President W. Coleman Allen, Jr. 
$5,000 to the Southern Poverty Law Center